Buyer’s Guide: The Best Beard Growth Products 2017

Men, it’s finally time to take your beard into your hands (not literally, of course), and begin filling in those patches. We aren't going to promote makeup to you; we're going to promote growth products that combat the inability to grow due to hormone issues. Don't worry, and your masculinity won't be harmed in attempts to grow out your beard with the use of some help.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using beard growth products, factors you should consider before purchasing beard growth products, as well as some potential causes of hair loss or a stump in beard growth.

The Benefits of Buying Beard Growth Products

It’s no secret that one of the primary benefits of using beard growth products is so that your hair is encouraged to grow. Without, you won’t see any significant (positive) change in the way your beard grows in.

Another benefit of purchasing beard growth products is that your body is able to benefit from the other nutrients, too. With some of the nutrients that encourage hair growth for the beard, they also encourage better skin, better nails (non-brittle and strengthening), as well as a healthier glow.

There are a plethora of vitamins and combinations of mixtures, including B7, which is also known formerly as Biotin. The aforementioned is one of the vitamins that is known for encouraging not only hair growth, but nail growth, as we mentioned before.

It’s worth mentioning that typically, beard growth products aren’t regulated by the FDA, as they aren’t subject to them, but you should know that manufacturers in America are not allowed to sell you a product they know is dangerous, as it’s law. In stating this, when you research each beard growth product, you should also research the manufacturer and their origin country/country of shipping.

Other benefits including the following:​

  • Fast results – Beard growth products are typically inclusive of products that encourage faster hair growth; you won’t have to wait years to even get some form a five o’clock shadow. Whether you just have never been talented in the world of hair growing, or you’re someone who just wants to make your beard hair thicker, finding the perfect beard growth product for you will be life-changing.
  • Supports regrowth, too – You read that right – it’s not all about growing the hair, and it’s also about regrowing. When taking, you’ll see an improvement in the current state of your beard, as well as how quick it’ll grow in the future.
  • Essential vitamins – Sure, we’ve told you about those other vitamins, but there are some that allow a beard growth product to double as a typical multivitamin.
  • The quality of hair – Beyond what we’ve already said, you’re also going to see an increase in the quality of your hair, and it may not be as brittle, either. Strengthening and promoting hair growth will inevitably lead to a better head (or face) of hair.

Other vitamins that you may want in your beard growth product may include vitamin C, E, and E – as these all have link backs to the promotion of hair growth. Now, let’s get into factors you should consider and other things that may cause your hair growth to stump.

Facts to Consider Before Buying Beard Growth Products​

Before you jump in and purchase beard growth products, you should also look at micro-nutrients that are in the product, if any – although, we highly encourage you to choose a product that is rich in said micro-nutrients.

Because of this, you’ll be able to get a jumpstart on production of your cellular energy due to the multitude of vitamin B you’ll see in some beard growth products.

Others that you may want to find in your product include zinc for amplifying beard growth. When purchasing a beard growth product, you’re not only shooting for more hair, but also thicker hair. You don’t want anything patchy, do you?​

You should also look into the features of typical beard growth products to make sure you’re fully invested in the product and know what you’re getting yourself into (not in a bad way of course – unless the product is terrible).

There are non-hormonal products, and ones that are hormonal. Those that are hormonal aim to replace missing hormones in your body that may be stumping your growth, while non-hormonal beard growth products don’t aim to change any hormone dynamic in your body in a way that hormonal ones do.​

Depending on the product, you may see other types of herbs that have a plethora of benefits to them, some of which treat ailments like fluid retention, and improve fingernail growth, as well as the quality of your skin.

In fact, some people don't use beard growth products primarily for beards; they actually use it for either their male pattern baldness, or to introduce healthy nutrients and hormones into making their skin and nails better. Essentially, a beard growth product can also be a multivitamin, as they have many of the same ingredients; although, the frequency of which you take a beard growth product is typically more than the average multivitamin.​

What Causes Hair Loss or Stumps Beard Growth?

Unfortunately, many people have male pattern baldness (including females), or a stump in hair growth entirely due to genetics. While you can’t really change genetics, there are beard growth products that can introduce more of a missing hormone or nutrient within your system to encourage better beard growth – or hair in general.

Beyond this, outside causes can lead to hair loss, including the usage of hard water when you shower. As hard water can make your skin and hair brittle and dry, the usage of a water softener of some sort (filter or installed equipment) can aid in reversing the effects of said hair loss.

The Best Beard Growth Products Reviews

Beard Grow XL, Facial Hair Supplement

Manufactured by Delta Genesis, the beard Grow XL supplement is noted as one of the #1 men’s hair growth vitamins, and encourages a plethora of benefits, including thicker beards that are fuller.

Other features include the following:

  • Completely natural – a non-hormonal product
  • Enhanced formula, supports the growth of hair naturally
  • Fast acting product with results that are apparent
  • Special blend for men only

The Breakdown of the Features

There are quite a few admirable benefits that would have me running and buying if I didn’t know any better – although we think that this is a suitable product for all men to try if they’re in the market for a beard growth product.

Composed of a special blend that’s deemed “for men only” this blend ensures that you’ll be receiving fast acting results, and the enhanced formula will support your hair growth naturally.

If you’re wondering, this product is a non-hormonal one, and it’s a completely natural formula. We understand wanting not so natural (in pace) results, but we also understand that you don’t want to harm your body with toxins at the same time.

The Advantages of the Product​

One of the more favorable advantages of this beard growth product is that you’re able to use this to receive fast-acting results. Men don't like waiting – we know this, and we totally understand. Having a product that works when we want ensures that we believe we're getting our money's worth.

The Disadvantages of the Product​

For women who suffer from any types of hair growth issues, unfortunately, you’ll have to look towards another hair growth vitamin, as the aforementioned was created and blended together specifically for men and their beard.​

Smooth Viking Beard Oil for Men

Manufactured by Smooth Viking, this beard oil allows you to hit the source directly, rather than take a supplement in hopes it targets your beard hair growth.

Features of the aforementioned oil include the following:​

  • All-natural oils that won’t harm beard
  • Ensures that your beard will be kept smooth
  • Mess free bottle
  • Great for mustaches
  • Healthy formula supports beard health and stops itchy skin

The Breakdown of the Features

We all love the look of a beard, but sometimes the itchiness of the beard isn’t so ideal. In hopes that your beard will come in thicker and healthier, you can also combat that pesky itchiness that comes with.

Instead of taking a supplement, target your beard hair directly and encourage hair growth while keeping your skin in great condition underneath that beard.

Beyond this, the Smooth Viking oil’s enhanced formula aims to provide softness to your beard and helps you keep it tamed in terms of beastliness.

The Advantages of the Product​

An admirable advantage of this product is that you’re going to be able to apply the product directly where you need it, while ensuring that it’s coming from a mess free source.

Instead of taking a supplement that may or may not directly target your beard, Smooth Viking has created a formula that works from the outside in the encouragement of hair growth – all while keeping your beard smooth as can be, along with your skin that surrounds and is underneath the beard!

It’s no secret that many of us forget what’s underneath the beard, but we should always strive to maintain the area and the skin that our hair is sprouting from – without, you may be doing more harm than good and self-inflicting hair growth stumping.

The Disadvantages of the Product​

There aren’t too many disadvantages of this product, but in order to get the best results from this oil, you should try conditioner and balm for your beard as well. Without, you might not see the best results; however, you will see SOME results with using a product solo!​

Beard Flux XL - Maximum Beard Fuel Volume

If you want volume in your beard, and don’t want something flat and patchy, we highly suggest the Beard Flux XL manufactured by Delta Genesis.

A type of oil rather than a supplement, the product includes the following:

  • Pure and organic – 100%
  • Fast acting, no fragrances
  • Maximum natural growth, #1 formula for encouragement of hair growth

The Breakdown of the Features

Acting as the #1 formula to encourage hair growth within your head and face, you’ll be utilizing a fragrance-free, 100% organic and pure formula so that you’re not harming the hair with harsh chemicals.

Acting extremely fast and shaping up your beard naturally, health facial hair growth is seen with this Beard Flux XL oil formula.​

The Advantages of the Product

​One of our favorite advantages is that you don’t have to worry about additives, parabens, or even GMO’s within the contents of this oil, and it’s recommended that you use after showering when your beard is only slightly damp.

Beyond this, there are no fillers within this oil, so you’ll be using something that’s completely natural and won’t harm your body.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Of course, not all products work for everyone, and you may be your own worst analytical critic. It’s encouraged to try before seeking any disadvantages about the speed or the possibility of hair growth working from this oil.​

Beard Growther Oil

Last on our list is an oil from the manufacturer Beard Farmer.

The aforementioned is an oil, rather than a supplement, and provides the following features:

  • Super fast growth
  • All natural oils in the composition of this oil
  • Made in the USA – don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals
  • Known as a conditioning topical rub

The Breakdown of the Features

As we mentioned in the buying guide portion, it’s always good to purchase from the United States, as you’re going to receive, by law, a product that cannot contain dangerous ingredients that are known to the manufacturer.

In return, this product is compiled of a recipe that’s made from all natural ingredients.​

The Advantages of the Product​

One of the primary advantages of this product is that you’re going to receive a topical rub that’s free of toxic chemicals and encourages faster hair growth.

The Disadvantages of the Product​

As with many products that are on the market, not all work for everyone. While we can’t pinpoint any disadvantages directly of this conditioning topical rub, you’re going to want to try it for yourself to deem if it works for you or not.​

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