How To Improve Beard Growth With Almond Oil

While there are many ways for a guy to look cool and manly, one perfect way is to grow a healthy beard. However, growing a thick and beautiful beard does not happen in an instant. Facial hair growth takes some amount of care and investing in grooming products. In fact, the beard care section in beauty stores has been expanding now than ever.

You have a lot of options when it comes to beard oils available in the market, but great beard care is also possible to achieve with the use of natural product at home. One of those easily available oils that can do wonders in improving facial hair growth and keep it well groomed is almond oil for beard care.

Not only are almonds the delicious and healtheist food to eat for your snacks, they are also great for your skin and beard. No wonder that it is a popular ingredient of beard growth products.

​What Makes Almond Oil So Potent For Beard Growth

Being extracted from the seeds of raw almond fruit, the oil plays a very significant role in the cosmetic industry. It has been used in the preparation of cosmetic products for skin care as well as for beard care. It has also been found to be effective for various medicinal purposes.

The almond tree primarily grows in the Middle East and South Asia where the climate is so conducive for it to thrive and grow healthily. Chemically speaking, almond oil is a non-volatile and non-fragrant plant extract. Apart from being a natural product, almond oil is fully packed with essential nutrients which makes it very healthy. It’s no surprise, therefore, that almond snacks are more expensive than other food products.  

Specifically, almond oil is very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, zinc, potassium, calcium, and Vitamins E, A, D, B1, B2, and B6. These nutrients make it a highly potent product for skin care and facial hair growth. This is why almond oil for beard growth has been the ultimate choice of most pretty men out there. Apart from containing rich nutrients, the other amazing properties of almond oil for beard care include the following:

  • ​Almond oil is less greasy and can be absorbed easily
  • ​Almond oil is easy to spread and feels light to skin
  • ​Almond oil smells good
  • Almond oil is hypoallergenic and so safe to use

There are two kinds of almond oil: sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil. Both offer the same set of wonderful benefits and properties for skin and facial hair care but sweet almond is best known for its high potency. The major difference is in their taste, and its obvious to tell it through their name.

So, now that you know why almond oil is an effective natural product for your growing your beard healthily, it’s time to learn how it does so.

​How Almond Oil Takes Good Care Of Your Beard

For centuries, almond oil has been used for beauty care and therapeutic applications. It helps improve your beard growth in many different ways.

1. Promotes Healthy Beard Growth

Most often, hair loss is being blamed for magnesium deficiencies and it’s true in the case of facial hair, too. You will have a hard time growing a thick, bushy beard if you are experiencing from the said mineral deficiency. This disorder can cause dry and brittle hair which will lead to split ends which is really not good for your beard.

Thankfully, almond oil contains high levels of magnesium as well as biotin which both work together in encouraging healthy hair growth. So, if you have difficulty growing your beard, almond oil for beard growth is the perfect natural solution that will help your facial hair.  

​2. Treats And Prevents Dandruff

Just like your scalp hair, dandruff in your beard or comically called as “bearddruff”, is a sign of unhealthy hair. One of the major causes of bearddruff is a dry skin where your beard is growing. It can stop your beard from springing out the way you want it. Another possible cause is the use of too hot water while bathing which dries out both the skin and hair.

Moreover, if you use beard shampoo with harsh chemicals, it can strip off natural oil from your beard which results to ugly white flakes. Almond oil can help prevent all these beard issues. It can treat and prevent dandruff from forming by getting rid of your dead skin cells and cleansing your facial skin. Plus, it conditions your skin and hair, preventing it from drying out and so keep the bearddruff at bay.

​3. Reduces Skin Inflammation

The high fatty acid content of almond oil makes it very effective in treating skin inflammation. It softens and moisturizes your skin, improving circulation in the inflamed area. The main culprit of inflammation is again dryness of the skin which leads to irritation. Also, under or overproduction of natural oil by your body may also result in dry skin. And ultimately, it leads to skin inflammation and so poor beard growth. Thanks goodness and almond oil is great at combating this skin problem and restore it to its healthy condition.

​4. Makes Beard Styling Easier

If you are fond of styling your beard in various ways, then the use of almond oil will make it much easier for you to do it. This is because it acts as a natural hair gel to dress up your beard in anyway you want. Plus, it makes your manly asset lustrous and shiny as well as strong and thick, ready for beard challenges you face everyday.

The Most Effective Ways To Apply Almond Oil

Users and experts alike have determined that almond oil is highly beneficial for growing and daily grooming of beard. You can use it purely on its own or mix it with other beard oils to further enhance its effect on your beard. Whatever is your option, there are proper ways to follow in applying almond oil for your beard. Keep these steps in mind before you choose the best almond oil available at your disposal.

  1. ​Wet your beard considerably and untangle each strand by combing it gently. Do it several times until you have totally untangled your beard so that it would be easy to apply the oil.
  2. ​Now pat dry your beard to take out any water. This is crucial before application because oil is insoluble in water. Otherwise, the oil will not be absorbed by your skin through the roots of your beard. If no absorption taking place, applying almond oil would be useless.
  3. ​Now that your beard is dry, it’s time to apply the oil by spreading it across your fingers and pat it on the skin under your beard. Gently massage the oil in a circular motion while ensuring that your entire beard is evenly coated with the oil.
  4. ​The next step is to disperse the oil deep down and further to cover your whole hairy chin and face with the help of a comb. This will help activate the roots of your beard and improve blood cirulation throughout the bushy area. Doing it will strengthen hair strands and so improve overall beard growth.  

So, there you have it the four easy and effective ways to use almond oil for beard growth. Just don’t forget to use it as much as twice a day for the best results. And in case you plan to mix almond oil with other oils, tea tree or neem oil would be a great blend that will increase circulation and help prevent bearddruff.

What To Look For In Almond Oil For Beard

It goes without saying that you will only reap all the benefits that almond oil for beard brings to the table if you choose the best product. Now that you have the knowledge on how to use it to groom and grow your bear, it is also important to know what to look for when you finally decide to buy the product.

The most crucial factor is the purity and authenticity of the product so that it will deliver the amazing promises it claims to give you. Specifically, look for any qualification and certification of the product that will prove it’s natural and 100% pure. And of course, between the two types of oil, it’s best to choose the sweet almond oil because of its proven properties in promoting beard growth.

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It is no secret that a healthy looking beard is a great asset that a man could have. But the effort you put in taking care of it can either make or break your manly look. While others may opt to use expensive beard care products, there is actually a much cheaper option that provides the same benefits.

The use of naturally potent almond oil proves to be an effective solution that is simple to apply and gives you the most desirable beard that even your fellow gentlemen would envy. As long as you make sure the product’s quality and potency, you will get the best almond oil to promote healthy beard growth you always wanted.

  • May 3, 2019
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