How To Choose The Best Beard Comb

You probably thought growing a beard was going to be simple and not cost you much money. But the problem is people are always trying to sell you stuff, and being told you need the best beard comb to stop it being a mess is probably not what you expected to hear.

You probably didn’t even think you needed a beard comb. Why would you? Can’t you just use a normal comb?

This was all meant to be easy and now you’re messing around buying balms, oils, combs and worrying about whether your beard looks thick enough.

But rest easy, it’s not that stressful. The best beard comb is easy to choose when you have the right information, cheap to buy, and can really make owning a beard much easier.  Try one and you’ll wonder how you live without it.

Why You Absolutely NEED A Beard Comb

Having a high quality beard comb in your grooming collection will really help you to look your best.

What’s the point in spending all that time growing a beard, and going through the pain of having to deal with beard dandruff, split ends and weekly trimming and grooming, if you’re not still looking your best at the end of it all?

A good quality beard comb will help to make your beard less unruly and look better. It will aid in properly using beard balms and oils, and will help to minimize dandruff.

A standard hair comb just isn’t going to cut it. This is important to understand, because so many people waste their time buying a cheap plastic comb from the supermarket only to find that they still have a beard in poor condition because the beard hair is being tugged and torn to shreds, and the underlying skin scratched to pieces.

A good quality beard comb will have the following characteristics:


    Smooth, even and high quality teeth


    Good quality materials and build


    Teeth tailored to the type of beard and hair you have


    Will not produce static

What Type Of Teeth Will Work Best With My Beard?

The type of beard comb teeth best suited to your beard will depend on the type of hair that you have.

You need to look at how dense, coarse, and how long your hair is.

It’s not rocket science, but the thinner and straighter your hair, and the less dense it is, the finer teeth you can use.

If you have a big, wiry and thick beard then bigger, wider and stronger teeth will help to de-tangle you.

A beard comb is a great way to distribute beard oil or balm evenly through your hair, and again getting the type of teeth right will make this easier, rather than it slipping through between the teeth, or getting clogged up on them.

What Material Should A Beard Comb Be?

The best beard combs on the market tends to be made from three key materials:

1. Wood

A lot of the best beard combs on the market are made of wood, usually sandalwood or pearwood. This is the several key reasons.

Firstly, wood is a great way to massage the beard and skin. It has a smooth feel and retains an aroma, feeling good and smelling good.

Secondly, it is very strong and makes good teeth, which means you can comb easily with minimum snagging and effort.

Thirdly, it’s very smooth which means that it’s great for helping to evenly distribute beard balm or oil through the hair. It’s also not sharp and unforgiving at the end in the way plastic is, which means you’re less likely to tear at the underlying skin.

2. Plastic (usually cellulose acetate)

We are talking about good quality plastic beard combs here, not those really thin and cheap hair combs.

These combs are made from high quality acetate sheet, fully rounded and smooth to make a fantastic combing surface.

These are usually equally as good as a wooden comb, but let’s face it, if you are grooming in public they don’t look quite as cool. They are usually cheaper however.

The downside is that they can produce static which isn’t ideal for the hair. So for us they aren’t usually a good choice.

3. Horn

Possibly the ultimate statement in beard combing, a beard comb made from horn will really make you look the part. Left on the shelf in your bathroom, what lady could fail to be impressed?

You going to pay a premium for a Buffalo ox horn beard comb, but you will get all the benefits of sandalwood, the durability of plastic, and the best look.

The very best horn beard combs are handmade, and not machine made. It’s the level of craftsmanship and quality you are paying for. But every day grooming, they are probably over the top in terms of price, especially if you’re trying to find your first comb.

The Best Beard Comb: Our Three Top Picks

There are literally hundreds of beard combs out there, and choosing the best one for your needs can be really difficult.

Unlike most sites where they list a dozen different combs, narrowing your choice but still leaving it ridiculously difficult, we’re going to give you just three of our top picks taking into account price, build quality and ease of use.

If you are looking for a high quality wooden Beard comb at a great price, then the Viking Revolution is just what you are looking for.

Available on Amazon for just $7.55, it is beautifully made from high-quality pearwood. With 87% five-star reviews, it’s simply a star performer.

Cleverly, it has a wide and thick set of teeth on one side, and a fine set of teeth on the other. This allows you to not only use the same comb no matter how long and thick your beard is, but also it allows you to de-tangle using the thick set of teeth, and then work more finely after you’ve done so.

Its construction is very solid, unlikely to break as it uses strong pearwood, and is impeccably finished with a smooth sheen.

It fits comfortably into the hand, being a little bigger than a credit card, making it ideal to slip into your pocket to use anywhere.

Okay, so they call it a beard shaping tool, but this is a beard comb nonetheless.

Made from high-quality varnished sandalwood, it’s clever shape allows you to not only comb, but also to divide and shape the beard as well.

It is handmade, doesn’t leave static, and has a good set of strong, medium density teeth good for general beard maintenance.

And you get all this quality for as little as $9.95 on Amazon. On top of that, you are getting guaranteed quality because you are safe in the knowledge that it has 100% five-star reviews.

The shaping tool part is clever. You can put it on the face and create angles you can shave along, giving you the ability to finely manage where the hair ends and your skin begins.

It’s slightly bigger than our number one choice, but still has the ability to slip into a pocket, coming with its own bag to keep it in, made from high-quality material.

Our third placed choice is a high quality wooden beard comb from the Hundred Beard company.

Made from high-quality wood, it has 90% five-star reviews on Amazon, and is available for just $10.

We have marked it down to third in our list partly for a couple of reasons, because it doesn’t state what sort of wood it’s made from, and also a couple of people have said the wood is quite rigid and snaps if left in the back pocket.

But other than that, this is a very high quality build comb, with medium thickness and spaced teeth. Its finishes incredibly smooth, which makes it ideal for using to ensure the even application of beard oil or balm.

It feels good in the hand, is a good size, and delivers a snag free combing experience for a great price.

Choose Your Beard Comb Today

Choosing the best beard comb for your needs is obviously a personal journey.

But by selecting three potential combs for you to try, we have hopefully narrowed down your choices to only looking at high quality and affordable combs.

Our first recommendation, the Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb, offers the perfect combination of high quality wooden construction, durability in having two sizes of teeth, a good size in the hand and a low price for all those features.

Our second placed recommendation, the Boroda Beard Shaping Tool, also offers great features, plus the addition of the shaping tool built in. But we did feel this might be awkward in some people’s hands if it’s not a feature that is needed, which helped keep it from being number one.

And in third place, the Hundred Beard Company No.2 Beard Comb, again offers a high quality medium combing experience, but without the fine detail of having two sizes of teeth that the number one choice has. As it’s also slightly more expensive, this knocked it into third place.

But the bottom line here is that any of these three beard combs could be the best for you and even if you have to buy all three, the outlay is still worth it to find the best beard comb to give you a tangle free, smooth and glossy beard experience.


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