Coconut Essentail Oil: 4 Amazing Benefits That You Should Not Miss!

​If there is an essential oil with exceptional benefits that you want to take advantage of, one of the first choices came to mind is the coconut essential oil. Along with the list of its wonderful benefits is its sweet natural scent. 

Coconut essential oil is an extract from coconut trees which are the crown of tropical countries. When this tree is present, the place is most likely a haven of tropical paradise which is great for relaxation and vacation. But you don’t have to go on a long getaway to experience the positive vibe of the tropics because the using the oil will help you enjoy such feeling.

For many decades, coconut essential oil has become so popular across the globe as people experiences its wonders. In fact, it’s one of the most useful carrier oils available almost everywhere. The oil is found to be so beneficial that its countless applications can be classified into four areas: food consumption, natural medicine, household use, and body and skin care.

What Makes Coconut Essential Oil Really Essential?

The coconut fruit itself is very healthy and is known to be a powerhouse superfood due to its unique nutritional profile with high content of vitamins, minerals, and calories. Even the water inside the fruit offers amazing health benefits and is considered to be the most nutritious naturally-occurring juice.

While some have put a stigma on coconut oil, claiming it’s not healthy, the truth is that most of the saturated fats found in the oil is in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs, also called as MCFAs. These fats are composed of the following healthy substances:

Lauric acid - this healthy fat comprises the majority of the total fat in coconut oil, which is up to 40%. As such, coconut essential oil is one of the highest natural sources of such fat. Once you take it in, your body processes it into monolaurin which works great for your immune system.

Caprylic acid - coconut is also abundant with this beneficial fat that is known to have wonderful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Capric acid - another healthy fat, your body converts it into monocaprin that helps boost immunity with its amazing antimicrobial properties.

All these healthy fats plus plenty of other beneficial nutrients make coconut oil very essential and useful in almost unlimited ways. You can bask from one or all of its great benefits.

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Wonderful Benefits of Coconut Essential Oil Summed Up In Four Items

From being a main ingredient in beauty care products to soothing mild pain and helping in the treatment of some diseases, coconut essential oil is packed of natural properties which are very beneficial. While the benefits of the oil goes a long list, they can be summed up into top four that you will surely enjoy.

​1. For Skincare: 

If you are looking for a natural remedy to treat skin problems or at least make it better, coconut essential oil works as a tested and proven moisturizer. It works its magic on all sorts of skin and is a safe solution for those with rough and dry skin. The application of oil will make a rough skin smoother without no side effects.

Better still, coconut essential oil can also prevent the formation of wrinkles thanks to its moisture retention ability. So, if you have a sagging skin because of aging or other reason, it will help you resolve the issue and make your skin a lot healthier with consistent application.

​2. For Hair Care: 

This is perhaps one of the oldest and most popular areas where the oil is very useful. Using the oil on your hair will make it shinier and healthier by reducing the loss of proteins due to different hair treatment that strips your hair off its natural oil. It’s no surprise, therefore, that a lot of hair shampoos and conditioners as well as creams mainly contain coconut oil as their major ingredient.

Coconut essential oil is known to be an exceptional natural hair treatment product that’s effective in promoting hair growth. The high protein inherent in the oil treats damaged hair and gives the nourishment it needs. 

​3. For Therapeutic Effects:

Remember the sweet natural aroma of coconut essential oil? This makes it an excellent oil for aromatherapy that offers many therapeutic effects by just inhaling the oil. Simply getting some good whiff of the oil will help you relax and calm your senses. It can also help alleviate your stress. 

You can use coconut essential oil in a diffuser by just adding a few drops. So, though you are not living or can’t experience life on a tropical island, the aroma of the oil gives you that relaxing feeling. Moreover, the wonderful scent of coconut essential oil can help stimulate your brain activity as well as activate positive emotions.

4. ​Boosting Your Immune System

Being rich in lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, and antimicrobial lipids, coconut essential oil helps boost immunity. These acids have all the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which are needed by the body to fight disease-causing bacteria and viruses that cause serious medical problems like influenza and herpes.

Surprising Uses of Coconut Essential Oil Worth Trying For

If we have to put it into a list, there are more than a hundred uses for a coconut essential oil. However, it would be tiring to enumerate all of them so here are the top four significant uses of the oil.

Promote oral health:

You might never thought about using coconut essential oil for your oral health. But if you are looking for the best alternative for a fluoride-free toothpaste, then it would be a good option. You can mix the oil with baking soda and just add a few drops of peppermint. The resulting paste will serve as an inexpensive yet effective toothpaste. In fact, regular use of this mixture will help whiten your teeth and improve the health of your gums, thus freshening up your breath. It’s the antibacterial property of the oil that will fight tooth decay.

Great for moms and babies:

Coconut essential oil also works wonders for expectant mothers because it can be used as a natural moisturizer applied to their stomach. The oil will help prevent stretch marks later on after delivery. Thanks to its rich and healthy nutrients that moisturize the skin and make it smoother. In fact, consumption of raw coconut oil is believed to help breastfeeding moms to increase their milk supply. The healthy lauric acid promotes immunity and brain development of the breastfeed baby.

Treat inflammation and other medical issues:

Coconut essential oil is also rich with antioxidants which are proven to reduce inflammation when used deliberately on the affected area. It works effectively as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. In fact, it has been concluded that the use of this oil can also help treat arthritis when applied liberally on the affected joints.

Improvement of digestion:

The beneficial fats naturally occurring in coconut helps aid in digestion. The antimicrobial property of the essential oil fights the irritation caused by digestive problems and any infections that may occur. A simple massage of the oil on the abdomen will help relieve digestion issues.

The Easy Way Of Using Coconut Essential Oil

Just like other essential oils out there, you can reap all the benefits of coconut essential oil by simply using it for a relieving massage or adding it into any product you use externally like toothpaste and hair conditioner. You don’t have to create a complicated mixture or blends of this oil to enjoy its health benefits. Plus, you can use it easily for various purposes where antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties of the oil are needed.

Or much better, you can use coconut essential oil in combination with other essential oils to further enhance its potency in certain applications and in treating some medical conditions. It would be less costly but an effective natural remedy that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Just don’t forget to specifically look for coconut essential oil that is certified to be organic and carries all the necessary certifications of a quality product. Do not be a victim of false marketing ploy but choose only a trusted coconut essential oil that really works as it is claimed to be. So, don’t risk losing out on all the amazing benefits and wonderful uses of the oil by selecting the wrong product.

Instead, opt for a coconut essential oil that has been lab tested to deliver the promised benefits that this natural wonder offers.

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So, whether you are looking to make a good start with essential oils, or perhaps you are a seasoned pro, coconut oil is one of your “go-to” options. Given its various benefits and uses, coconut essential oil covers almost every base. If you need a natural remedy to help with your daily stresses or treat with some illness, this oil would be an affordable choice.

Also, if you are a kind of person who loves the feel of being on vacation all the time, then this is the best essential oil for you.

  • May 13, 2019
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