Fennel Tea: Can Drinking Fennel Tea Improve Overall Health?

While many of us may be aware of the health benefits of herbal drinks like dandelion tea, green tea, anise tea, and cumin tea, few of us have unlocked the true potential of herbal fennel tea.

Though most of us have heard of fennel, most won’t be sure how to identify it or be aware of all the wonderful health benefits it can provide, such as weight loss, reduced belly fat, improved water retention, soothe a sore throat, act as a digestive aid, and even helps put an end to bad breath.

The fennel plant originated in the Mediterranean. Due to its highly adaptable nature and its cold hardiness, however, many different countries with varying climates have started growing this versatile and highly nutritious flowering herb.

Fennel Plant

Although technically a member of the carrot family, fennel looks a bit like celery. It has an off-white bulb and long, leafy green stalks. These stalks will flower and create the fennel seeds. All parts of the fennel plant are edible for humans and all are ingredients in a variety of cuisines. Fennel has a pleasant licorice-like flavor. Although you may not know it, you have probably tasted its seeds. Fennel seeds are a primary flavoring ingredient in sausages.

As far as health benefits go, the positive effects of fennel have been highly underrated and ignored. This article will look at the composition of fennel tea, its positive health effects and finally whether or not fennel can be used to improve overall health.

Fennel tea is made from a combination of fennel seeds, dried fennel leaves, and dry fennel root. It has a pleasant, comforting smell and a sweet but slightly bitter taste to it. Like other herbal teas, fennel tea is steeped in boiling water to extract the taste and nutritional benefits from the fruit. You can make your own fennel tea at home by combining fresh ingredients in a strainer and steeping them in boiling water.

People have been using fennel for thousands of years, not only for the easygoing, pleasant flavor but also for a variety of health reasons. The main reasons drinking fennel tea can be beneficial to health are:

1. Relieving Symptoms of PMS and Menopause

Fennel has been used in Chinese culture to relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause in women. Fennel oil has gentle oestrogen-like characteristics, so drinking fennel tea can trick the body into thinking it is producing more estrogen than it actually is, which relieves symptoms of PMS such as bloating, cramping and back pain.

It can also be helpful in reducing side effects of menopause such as hot flashes and reduction in bone density. Fennel is extremely attractive in this regard in that it can reduce these harmful symptoms without the increased risk of cancer associated with hormone replacement therapy.

2. Corrects Digestive Tract Issues

Fennel is commonly used as an aid to treat heartburn. A cup of fennel tea can relieve the burning and pain associated with this type of indigestion.

It can also be used to treat hiccups and to improve the symptoms of IBS such as cramping, diarrhea bloating and flatulence.

The oil in fennel is anti-spasmodic, allowing diarrhea sufferers to find relief from their uncomfortable condition.

3. Weight Loss

Fennel helps boost metabolism allowing you to burn calories faster. Fennel also decreases bloating and water retention, which may help you shed unwanted water weight. Recent studies have shown that fennel can help normalize appetite, allowing you to lose weight by simply controlling hunger.

Many teas that claim to help you lose weight do so by including plant-based laxatives in the ingredients. In the short term, this may help you shed water weight but can cause dehydration and hemorrhoids. In the long term, the effects of such tea can be very dangerous.

Fennel tea, however, allows you to regulate your appetite and boost your metabolism, which is a way more sustainable and healthy way to lose weight.

4. Mother and Baby Benefits

Fennel tea can help mothers find relief of morning sickness during pregnancy. It can also help improve the flow of breast milk. Studies have shown that fennel tea is safe for children and as it has anti-spasmodic qualities, the tea can help soothe a colicky baby.

However, mothers should always consult with a doctor before using any medication (including herbal) while pregnant or breastfeeding and limit their intake.

5. Helps Kill Parasites

Fennel has powerful anti-parasitic properties. Fennel tea can affect the acidity levels in your stomach, killing intestinal parasites, as well as worms. Drinking fennel tea can also help in the prevention of yeast infections.

However, if you have access to medical care then you should always consult a doctor if you suspect a worm or parasitic infestation.

6. Immune System Health

Fennel can be a powerful ally in warding off wintertime bugs such as colds and flu. A cup of fennel tea can boost your immune system, which allows your body to fight off germs that cause these illnesses.

In addition, if you already have a cold or flu, drinking fennel tea can help you fight it off more quickly and ease some of the symptoms such as nausea, cough, and congestion.

7. Protects Your Liver

Fennel can help protect the liver from damage from alcohol and treat liver diseases such as jaundice. A cup of fennel tea may also increase the flow of urine, which can help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

8. Promotes Good Oral Hygiene

Drinking fennel tea can help treat inflamed, infected gums and can kill bacteria that cause bad breath. Some people like to use fennel tea as a mouthwash.


As you can see listed above, fennel tea has a variety of health benefits and drinking fennel tea can help improve overall health as well as treat certain specific conditions or symptoms. From soothing a sour stomach to a general immune system boost, fennel tea can be a great addition to the maintenance of health.

On top of this, drinking fennel tea is simply a pleasant experience. Fennel tea has a soothing aroma and it has an enjoyable sweet but slightly tart taste to it. Drinking fennel tea is an easy to incorporate and pleasurable step into ensuring longevity and well-being in life.


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