How To Use Jojoba Oil On Your Skin And Face

There have always been natural solutions and remedies to help with the different ways that the skin on our body and face is affected by the struggles of daily life.

The problem always comes in that there is conflicting evidence about the effectiveness of these natural methods of improving your skin.

Most of us would just like a simple solution. As we get older our skin needs a bit of tender loving care,. Natural aging and the environment we live in slowly removes that youthful beauty. But can anything help to address this?

Well the great news is that yes there is, and the often overlooked natural beauty product that can have real benefits to your skin is Jojoba oil. It’s something the mystery as to why it is overlooked in favor of other oils, such as coconut oil, as it’s already included in so many beauty products you can buy.

So let me explain exactly why jojoba oil is so perfect your skin and face, and how you can enjoy the results of it quickly and easily.

Where Does Jojoba Oil Come From?

jojoba plant

To confuse you right at the start, Jojoba oil is actually not an oil at all, it’s more of a wax, known as a Wax Ester.

Pronounced “ho ho ba”, jojoba wax comes from the jojoba bush (Simmondsia Chinensis), a type of plant which is found in Mexico and some parts of the southern USA.

The wax forms around the seeds of this plant to protect them from the extremes of heat and sun. Its properties were well known to both the Native Americans and early Mexican populations, who for centuries used it not only on the skin and hair but also as a medicine.

It became popular in beauty products after the 1970s. Previously whale oil had been used, but that was banned in the United States, leading to people searching for another alternative.

Jojoba Oil Is The Perfect Friend For Your Face And Skin

What makes jojoba oil so brilliant for the skin is that it in terms of its structure it is very similar to sebum.

Sebum is a wax that humans secrete from the sebaceous glands that helps to form a barrier, protecting the skin and allowing it to grow and heal. The problem is that washing and exposure to the elements can strip this wax away at times, leaving the skin exposed.

Any oil can help to protect the skin during these times, but because jojoba oil is so close to the wax we produce ourselves, it is more closely in tune with how our skin works and can protect it better than most other oils can.

It is also packed with good things that will help the skin. For example, it contains numerous vitamins (notably B and E), and also several fatty acids that are proven to nourish the skin:

  • Stearic
  • Oleic
  • Linoleic
  • Palmitic
  • Erucic

Whichever area of your skin that needs attention, even the delicate skin on the lips, the composition and structure of jojoba oil make it a perfect natural remedy.

Jojoba oil is closely in tune with how our skin works and can therefore protect it better than most other oils can.

Jojoba Oil Can Help With Many Skin Problems

At different stages of life, the way our skin looks and feels is affected by how little, or how much sebum we produce.

For example, in our teenage years the skin often produces too much sebum, leaving the skin looking and feeling greasy. The pores can be clogged and yes, you guessed it, we can get spots, acne. Jojoba oil can help to remove this excess without clogging the pores. On top of this, it is a natural anti-microbial, so it can fight the bacteria that build up in the pores and cause acne outbreaks.

And later in life the opposite can happen. As we get older the skin doesn’t produce as much sebum. Over time this starts to dry the skin out, causing wrinkles and an irreversible aging. People who use jojoba oil find that it’s a great replacement and can dramatically improve the quality of aging skin.

Some people use jojoba oil to relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It’s packed with vitamins and is also a natural antiseptic. In fact, the Native Americans used to use it to help speed up the healing of wounds. The bottom line is that it is proven for nourishing and healing damaged skin.

A great little tip if you suffer from dry cracked lips is to take advantage of this little secret. Mix some jojoba oil with beeswax to form a soft balm. You can then carry in a little container and apply it whenever needed. It’s this flexibility which makes jojoba oil ideal for any skin need.

Studies Prove That Jojoba Oil Really Does Work On Your Skin

There is a wealth of academic study that has found evidence for jojoba oil helping with all of the conditions of the skin that we have talked about.

For example, a 2012 study titled “Clay jojoba oil facial mask for lesioned skin and mild acne” found that applying a clay mask and jojoba oil mix applied to the face daily for six weeks could noticeably improve the skin tone and reduce acne.

The review of literatures suggest that jojoba has anti-inflammatory effect and it can be used on a variety of skin conditions including skin infections, skin aging, as well as wound healing.

Study from 2012

So it’s little wonder that people are starting to wake up to what the Native Americans have known for hundreds of years, jojoba oil is a highly effective skin nourishing and repairing agent.

Tips For Using Jojoba Oil On Your Skin

There are absolutely loads of ways that your skin can benefit from just a little bit of jojoba oil. So to give you an idea, I’m going to go through some of the main ways you can use it here.

  1. Our hands and feet don’t contain sebum glands, and with the amount of washing and use they get, they can often get cracked and sore. Simply add a little jojoba oil to your hand wash, or apply it neat after washing hands and rub in gently.
  2. You can use jojoba oil to remove make up! Just apply a little bit to a cotton wool pad as you would make up remover and gently wipe the make up from your face. Not only will the make up be removed, but you are also softening and moisturizing the skin, alcohol which you cannot achieve with -based make up remover.
  3. Men can use jojoba oil as a pre and post shave balm. It helps to moisturize and prepare the skin or shaving, and also because shaving foams can be quite harsh, as is the process of shaving, post-shave, the fatty acids and vitamins can help to regenerate the skin and soothe it.
  4. If you have been burnt by the sun, then applying jojoba oil can help to speed up healing. Because of its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and emollient properties, it can really soothe sunburn. On top of that, the fatty acids and vitamins in it can help to nourish the skin and strengthen it more quickly.

As I have mentioned previously you can use jojoba oil to help treat acne. Although it may sound counter-intuitive to add more oil to an oily face, jojoba actually helps to dissolve excess sebum and aids in restoring the balance of your skin.

However, dealing with acne is a little more involved and personal than using jojoba oil for general purposes, so I recommend that you study and test different combinations and methods of application to see what will work best for you.

Tips For Buying Jojoba Oil For Use On The Skin

It’s always tough to buy beauty products because of just how wide the choice is. If you are not sure what you’re buying, not only can you buy the wrong thing, but you can pay a less than optimum price if you are not clued up.

The great news here is that jojoba oil is easy to buy from all the major retailers marketplaces online, and it’s not expensive. A decent sized bottle of oil from is around $10 for example.

What you do need to make sure you look out for is that you are buying pure, organic, cold-pressed jojoba oil.

Some other types can contain additives and perfumes. On top of that, if it’s not cold pressed, it could have been refined more heavily which can remove some of the beneficial ingredients.

But as you have now read, jojoba oil really can significantly benefit your skin. And as it’s widely available and cheap to buy, there really is no excuse not to give it a try and see if you notice the difference.



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