How To Grow A Thicker And Healthier Beard With Shea Butter

Gone were the days when only women are deemed to have the right to take care of how they look. Guys are no exception nowadays and this reality includes taking good care of your beard. There are several ways how to properly groom beard and keep it healthy. One proven and effective way to grow a thicker and healthier beard is with the use of shea butter. 

Why Shea Butter Is Great For Your Beard

Since it was first introduced commercially, shea butter becomes so famous for its wonderful beauty and healing properties both for the hair and skin. It is fully packed and enriched with essential vitamins such as E, A, D, and F which are great at giving the skin nutrients for collagen production. It also contains antioxidant properties that work as an amazing moisturizer.

Better yet, shea butter is tested and proven to be effective at providing a better condition for hair growth and help prevent hair loss. It’s a natural softener that stimulates the growth of your beard as well as ensures that it is well-groomed for that manlier look you always wanted. It’s no wonder, therefore, that shea butter is the main ingredient of beard balm recipes together with beeswax.  

In addition, shea butter possesses a fantastic natural property to heal while moisturizing skin and hair. This duo function sets it apart from other tree oils out there that perform only one or the other. Once absorbed by the skin, shea butter coats your beard’s hair shaft which creates a breathable layer, trapping the essential moisture inside. It does this while also protecting your hair from the damaging effects of the UV rays.  

Now, you might be wondering if where this natural wonder originates. Well, shea butter is a solid fat extract that is derived from the kernel of shea tree fruit called Vitellaria paradoxa. This tree is commonly found in the rich regions of Africa, particularly in the western part. It has been used for centuries not just for improving hair growth but also for many other purposes, including cooking, body massage, and beauty care. In its raw and unprocessed form, shea butter melts when rubbed on the body.

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​How Shea Butter Promotes ​Healthy Beard Growth​

Given the powerful properties abundant in shea butter, it can help you grow a thicker and healthier beard in ​six different ways:

1. Prevents hair loss

The essential nutrients and vitamins of shea butter help the hair follicles of your beard, reducing the likelihood of hair fall out while making them grow stronger. It does so by strengthening the follicles and hair strands of your beard, stopping them from falling out. So, preventing hair loss means getting a thicker and bushier beard. 

2. Repairs damaged hair

Whether it’s the hair on your scalp or your beard, shea butter also works great at repairing damaged hair in any form. It revitalizes the damaged hair follicles, making the hair growth come out normally and healthily. If your beard has been through various treatments that stripped it off of its natural oils and moisture, making it dry and damaged. The application of shea butter replenishes the lost moisture, making your beard moisturized and soft again. It does the same in preventing the case of split ends and hair breakage.

3. Serves as a natural beard conditioner

Not only shea butter has an excellent ability in softening and conditioning your beard. It does so naturally without causing any side effects on your skin and hair. Unlike other harsh chemical conditioning products, unrefined shea butter is 100% organic and vegan. Not to mention that it’s a more affordable beard conditioner that equally provides the same moisturizing and conditioning effects to your manly asset.

4. Reduces razor bumps

Part of grooming your beard is using a razor which can leave ugly and irritating bumps on the skin under your beard. Applying the shea butter on your beard will help relieve and prevent any skin irritation caused by shaving. It does with its anti-inflammatory properties, significantly reducing and healing the bumps. Thanks to its rich content of essential fatty acids, particularly Linoleic and Linolenic.

​5. Tames wild hair strands

​Another beauty of using shea butter on your beard is its ability to keep stray hair at bay, taming it and making it look nice and clean. It works just like beard balms that can amazingly hold the wild strands of your beard into place. Applying some amount of this natural product on your beard, you can see good improvement within minutes.

​6. Relieves itchy scalp and beard

If you are particularly in the stage of growing out your beard, most probably you will experience itching which is pretty normal because the tip of the hair strands is still pointed. Plus, it’s still growing back into your which causes the scratches on the surface of your skin, giving you that itchy feeling. You can grow your beard without experiencing much itchiness by applying shea butter on it. It helps relieve your itchy scalp and beard, making it easier for you to grow it nice and thick. 

To top it all, you will enjoy all these wonderful benefits of shea butter for growing a healthier beard with just a simple application process. You just have to use your fingers to apply some amount of shea butter on your beard according to the product’s instruction.

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Clearly, growing a thicker and healthier beard can be achieved naturally in a more affordable way using the best shea butter available. This natural product is abundant with essential nutrients and antioxidants which are proven to nourish both your skin and hair, including one of your greatest assets, your beard.

  • May 1, 2019
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