How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Fine Hair

Having beautifully thick and shiny hair, like a model in a shampoo advert is something many of us would love to achieve.

But the problem is that your health, genetics, hair color and type, and the beauty products you use, can make that wonderful ideal an impossible dream.

However, all is not lost. Following a few simple tips and products to use in the shower and beyond, it is possible for you to transform limp, fine hair into something big and beautiful.

So let’s look at how you can achieve this, and help you to choose the best shampoo for fine hair that will suit your hair type and help to bring shine and volume into your life.

Why You Hair Gets Thinner

There are several reasons why your hair can get thinner. Sometimes these reasons can be addressed with simple measures, which can help to thicken your hair without the intervention of beauty products.

But even if you can thicken your hair, the addition of volumizing, hair thickening products can really help you.

The key reasons why your hair can be thin are:

  1. Genetics: You could be born with thin hair, or your genetics could mean your hair gets thinner as you age. This can include pattern baldness and closing of the hair follicles.
  2. Closing of the hair follicles: This can happen because you are genetically programmed to have thin hair follicles, or hair follicles that close as you age. Alternatively, an unhealthy scalp, and increasing age can lead to hair follicles that slowly close, thinning the hair that grows and making it less healthy because it is nutrient deficient.
  3. Your health: We will cover this in detail in a moment, but your general health and bad habits can affect how thick your hair grows.
  4. Your diet: People are often surprised how significantly their general diet can affect the hair and scalp. To have healthy hair you need healthy hair follicles, which means having a diet rich in Omega 3 oils, vitamins and minerals.


Your Health Can Damage Your Hair

Poor health is a huge reason why your hair can get damaged and thin.

It could be poor diet. A poor diet means less nutrients to the hair, which means it will grow less healthily.

Other common reasons include smoking, drugs and alcohol. All of these things can affect how your hair grows.

Lack of exercise and a lack of time outdoors can also lead to thin hair. Sunshine is a great nutrient for the hair and scalp for example. On top of that, increased blood flow through exercise leads to increased oxygen and nutrient distribution to the scalp.

Physical illness and mental health problems can also affect things. Alopecia can be brought on by stress. Thin hair can be caused by illness that affects nutrients, or the hair follicles.

So as you can see, keeping yourself in good shape physically and emotionally, although obviously always not within your control, can affect how healthy your hair is.


Ways You Can Thicken Your Hair

The great news is that there are several ways you can thicken your hair and obtain at least some of that luxurious, thick look.

Some of these are common sense, but also making some good choices will also help.

  1. Getting the right haircut can really help. Especially as you get older, it can be too easy to just stick with the same hairstyle you have always had, even though your hair is changing. Having layers and the ends being cut blunt can add volume. Also shorter styles look fuller if you have thin hair. Talk to your hairdresser/stylist for advice.
  2. Changing how you style hair can give it more volume. You can use thickening sprays, or a volumizing attachment on your hair dryer, plus special hair mousse to increase the appearance of thickness.
  3. Making changes to your lifestyle can really help. Giving up smoking, cutting back on alcohol, getting more sleep. Trying to be less stressed or anxious with life. The less of these things you do, the more healthy your hair and scalp will be.
  4. Look at your diet. Cutting down on saturated foods, sugars and empty carbohydrates, and replacing them with proteins, fruits and vegetables will really help. Read up on super foods and green smoothies as quick ways to help address this.
  5. Having a healthy scalp can be key to the hair quality you have. The more inflamed the hair follicles are, the less thick the hair growing out of the follicles will  be. Using a natural ingredient like coconut oil or jojoba oil in your hair, that has natural emollient, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties can really help your hair follicles to stay moisturized and healthy.
  6. Consider coloring your hair. Peroxide can double the thickness of hair strands. On top of that, a different color can give you the appearance of volume, blending your hair to create the illusion of thickness.


The Three Best Shampoos For Fine Hair

As well is lifestyle and styling changes, the most obvious thing you can do is to use a specialist shampoo that will help to thicken your hair.

There are literally hundreds of products out there that claim to be able to add volume to fine hair. So it can be a minefield, and incredibly expensive to find the real deal.

So we have taken some of that hard work away from you, by presenting you with three of the best shampoos for fine hair, based on trials and consumer feedback.

The cheapest of our choices, it comes in at number one for several reasons. Firstly its price is very good value.

Secondly, it is a nine in one hair formula that both strengthens and volumizing hair, and helps to keep follicles healthy.

It is a premium organic and sulphite free formula that:

Era Organics Natural Volumizing Shampoo
  • Hydrates hair and scalp

  • Leaves your hair shiny and tangle free

  • Does not strip your hair of nutrients

  • Contains ingredients to keep hair follicles healthy

  • Binds the hair to minimize split ends and damage

As well as being a high quality, hair thickening shampoo that addresses all the key issues of thin hair, it is also produced by a family run business who offer a 60 day money back guarantee. This makes it risk-free to try, and shows they have confidence in their product.

Our second place choice is another organic and sulphite free product that contains biotin, argan oil and caffeine to help nourish and stimulate the roots and hair.

Specifically designed with ingredients to address issues with pattern baldness, shedding and breakage, it aims to naturally treat and rejuvenate.

It claims to be a natural DHT treatment. Although it would take long term use to see if this is the case, it is quite a claim to make if it’s not true. DHT increases in the body can cause baldness, this shampoo aims to combat that locally.

The key features of this shampoo are:

reline biotin volumizing shampoo
  • Deep cleansing formula

  • Natural biotin vitamins and other ingredients to nourish hair and scalp

  • All natural DHT treatment

  • Highly hydrating ingredients

Slightly more expensive than our first choice, it really only comes as second choice because we can’t prove the claims around it combating DHT levels.

Our third choice is marketed slightly differently to other hair volumizing shampoos. It is touted as a hair cleaning and thickening system.

It is designed as a daily use, 3-part system aimed at hair health, scalp health and follicle health.

The key features of this shampoo are:

  • Constructed from a blend of botanicals and humectants

  • Removes previous product buildup, toxins and pollutants

  • Addresses follicle health to increase nutrient pathway

  • Improves hair and scalp condition without stripping nutrients

It is a rich and luxurious hair thickening shampoo that definitely feels good on the head and adds volume.

You get a good sized bottle for your money, but it is a daily use shampoo rather than to use a couple of times a week, which explains this.

We have put in third place because it is more intense is to use it daily, and although some advertising mentions it helps to combat DHT, there is no mention of it on the product itself. This small confusion made us slightly wary of believing that claim.

The Best Shampoo For Fine Hair: Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand that no shampoo is going to address hair and scalp health problems successfully on its own. None of our recommend the products are miracle cures, nor can they overpower many of the other issues.

But if you address problems you may have with diet, lifestyle and scalp/follicle health, then undoubtedly using a specialist hair volumizing shampoo will help to thicken your hair.

Shampoo will only temporarily thicken your hair, and the effects will lessen rapidly. So you will be looking for a shampoo you can use several times a week, and one you can team up with a specialist hair thickening conditioner as well.

It’s also important to realize that sometimes you can’t hold back the floods of time. As you age your hair and scalp health will deteriorate simply because we are getting older. It’s unavoidable, and although finding the best shampoo for fine hair can really help, ultimately there is only so much you can do.


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