12 Amazing Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair, Skin and Face

You’ve probably read a lot about different kinds of remedies to get beautiful hair and skin, everything from what foods to eat to what kinds of things to put on your skin.

In the 1800’s, whale fat was used. Now, common moisturizers are nothing but chemicals produced in a lab. If you are looking for something effective, but natural, there is one oil that you should check out:

Jojoba oil – a common natural substance that is found in many different beauty products and comes from a small shrublike plant that grows in many arid places.

Jojoba oil isn’t really an oil, but a wax that has a low melting temprature. It benefits hair, skin, and the body by helping replenish the body’s natural moisture. If you aren’t using it in some form, then you are missing out! Why, you ask? Let’s look at all the great things jojoba oil can do for your hair and skin.

What is Jojoba Oil?


Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is actually a liquid wax that forms around the seeds of a plant growing mainly in the American southwest and northern Mexico. The Simmondsia chinensis, or jojoba plant, produces this oil, and it was used by Native American tribes for hundreds of years as a natural cure for a variety of ailments. The image on the left shows how the plant looks like.


Our skin produces a waxy substance called sebum that helps protect and heal it so that it can act as the first barrier between our sensitive inner systems and the toxins in the world around us.

Jojoba oil is very similar in nature and construction to this sebum, and is an excellent replacement for when our skin has trouble producing enough to keep up with the constant barrage of the elements (see this study for reference).

Jojoba oil helps keep this substance balanced on your skin, so that in times of early puberty and young adult hood when the skin is prone to making too much, jojoba oil can aid in dissolving the extra, helping to recondition the skin.

In late adulthood, as the skin loses the ability to make this sebum, jojoba oil can be used as a replacement because it mimics so closely the natural composition of sebum. It has just the right amount of oil, so it moisturizes effectively without clogging pores. It also contains essential vitamins for the skin such as vitamins E and B and minerals such as copper and zinc.

It also confers the same benefits to hair. As hair ages, it loses the ability to maintain its natural moisture, making it frizzy and prone to breakage. Jojoba oil applications combat these aging effects, improving the health of your scalp, and conditioning the shaft of the hair.


Benefits of Jojoba Oil

The oil isn’t just for the face. If you have brittle, dry hair, jojoba oil can help. If you suffer from any skin conditions that are painful or unsightly, jojoba oil can help. If you have dry skin or oily skin, young acne-prone skin, or dry wrinkling skin, jojoba oil can help. It really is a wonder substance with the ability to adapt to whatever condition you have and integrate itself beautiful into your body’s biology.

So what are some of these different benefits? Lets look at the three major areas where jojoba oil might be able to help you.

Benefits od Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth

1. Moisturizes and Strengthens Hair

When applied to the scalp, jojoba oil helps condition the air follicle, causing hair to grow in healthier and stronger. The properties of jojoba oil mimic not just the sebum on your face, but also that of your hair follicle, and adding it to your hair care ensures a healthy scalp. When the follicles are healthy, they can produce a stronger hair shaft, and the oil itself conditions the hair as it grows, preventing it from breaking as easily.

Vitamins E and B also improve the condition of the hair shaft, making it shinier and more manageable (and touchable!)

2. Thickens, Softens, and Adds Volume

Jojoba oil adds volume and body to individual strands of hair, causing to look and feel fuller. It also strengthens and conditions the hair follicle itself. Healthy hair follicles produce stronger hair, and the oil itself encourages blood flow to the scalp, over time helping with thinning hair problems. It also fights the breakage caused by the shrinking and swelling of the hair shaft due to being wet and drying again.

Brittle hair rarely has the same movement that we associate with healthy, natural volume. Softer hair feels more manageable and has better movement, thus giving the look of fuller hair. Essential minerals and vitamins smooth the hair shaft for you so your hair is softer, and produces this healthy movement.

3. Conditions The Scalp

Conditioning the scalp helps with the overall condition of the hair, but it also is important to remember the scalp itself. Dry scalp can cause a number of other problems including embarrassing dandruff. The emollients in jojoba oil soothe and soften the skin, producing a healthier scalp and far fewer problems with dandruff and scaly patches causing itching and overactive oil production. It is accepted easily by the skin on the scalp without irritation or clogging follicles.

An unhealthy, or inflamed scalp will also begin to shed hair at a faster rate, due to the fact that the follicle is unable to produce a healthy hair shaft. Jojoba oil reduces this shedding and increases the comfort of the skin. Healthier scalp, better hair!

4. Anti-inflammatory Properties Fight Psoriasis

Many people are calling jojoba oil a life saver for those suffering from psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, for which there is no permanent cure, that is caused when the immune system cause your skin to renew itself much faster than normal. The skin doesn’t fully shed the old cells, and the accumulate as rough, scaly patches.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help with the redness and swelling, while antimicrobial properties help prevent infection and any further irritation. As it conditions, it can also reduce the red, scaly appearance of psoriasis, which can be a big help for suffers’ self esteem.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Face

5. Controls Acne

As mentioned above, jojoba oil is believed to be anti microbial. This helps to prevent the build up of bacteria in the pores of the face, which can cause blackheads and acne flair ups. Jojoba oil also breaks up excess oily sebum which can clog the pores, further trapping bacteria and preventing the skin from renewing itself efficiently.

It also helps to regulate oil production, since it is an effective moisturizer, but will not cause damage to the skin’s surface by piling oil on top of oil. Without proper moisturizing, the skin produces more oil than necessary. Too much, and it contributes to further clogged pores. Jojoba oil gets this balance just right.

6. Repairs Delicate Lip Tissue

Skin on the lips is particularly thin and sensitive. Continued exposure to the elements such as sun and wind can cause lips to become dry and cracked, inviting bacteria and infection. People often forget about the skin on their lips, but pure jojoba oil can help condition the lips without painful licking, or enduring cracking.

It’s also easy to make jojoba oil into a balm or a gloss by adding beeswax and a soothing essential oil. This way, you can have the benefit of jojoba while on the go, without the inconvenience of carrying a bottle of oil that can spill.

More about the wound healing properties of jojoba oil: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21211559

7. Lessens Wrinkles with Vitamins and Minerals

As we age, the skin loses its ability to produce natural oils, and skin becomes thinner. This thinning and drying of the skin produces what we know as wrinkles. Jojoba oil can replace this natural moisture barrier, helping skin retain its natural elasticity. It penetrates deep into the skin, making skin appear fuller as it moisturizes on a deeper level.

It also contains many essential vitamins that can help to repair damage and bind free radicals that contribute to the breakdown of the skin’s overall health. It can also help to maintain the natural ph of your skin, which is a major cause of some inflammations.

As it conditions, it helps to balance your skin’s overall oil production, and healthy skin is more likely to produce new skin cells efficiently, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Whatever type of skin you have, oily or dry, it will adapt.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin

8. Moisturizes Dry Skin and Controls Oily Skin

We’ve talked a lot already about its natural moisturizing properties, but it also helps to control overly oily skin with use over time. The root cause of oily skin is some sort of irritation, whether hormonal imbalances or stresses from the environment. In an effort to protect and heal itself, the skin produces more and more oil, causing more problems and creating a vicious cycle.

Jojoba oil use helps to break this cycle as it acts as a natural moisturizer, mimicking your skin’s own protective barrier, sebum. It won’t block your pores either, which can cause further irritation, and you guessed it, more oil.

For further reading, have a look at the study that claims that jojoba oil moisturizes properties more than 24 hours.

9. Relieves Painful Sunburn

Sunburn can be painful, and as the skin struggles to slough off the damaged upper layer of skin, it can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Jojoba oil can help to reduce the flaking of skin damaged by sunburn, and also reduce the pain caused by the painful dryness of the burn.

Since jojoba oil penetrates deep into the lower layers of skin, it can maintain the health of new layers of skin as the skin rejuvenates. Part of the pain of sunburn is the dryness and irritation, and the oil can be a great help in alleviating this.

10. Treats Other Skin Disorders

Because of the intricate process required for the skin to balance itself and maintain its health against the assault of outside elements, as well as internal issues such as the presence of free radicals, many people experience some sort of skin disorder. These disorders range from chronic acne, to rosacea and eczema.

First, it’s anti-inflammatory, reducing the redness and swelling of itchy skin conditions such as eczema, redness of rosacea, and the pain and redness of cystic acne. Second, it is anti-microbial which also helps with chronic acne problems.

Third, vitamins and minerals help the skin maintain its overall health making it less susceptible to these skin disorders, and more likely to heal and renew itself.

11. Keeps Nails Healthy

It’s not just your skin that helps protect you, but your nails as well. If you are prone to brittle dry nails, then you know bacteria can enter through cracks in the nail bed and cause lingering infections. By rubbing jojoba oil on the cuticle and nail after bath, you strengthen and condition the cuticles, promote healthy nail growth, and reduce breakage. It will also soften the skin around the cuticle, reducing hangnails.

12. Aids Shaving and Prevents Razor Burn

Shaving is a necessary grooming task for most people, but shaving can irritate the skin and hair follicles causing unsightly bumps and rashes. Jojoba oil soothes both the skin’s surface, and the hair follicle, reducing the likelihood that you’ll end up with a painful razor burn after a grooming session. Simply rub it on before shaving, and then shave as usual. The oil softens both the skin and hair for a closer, problem free shave.

How to use Jojoba Oil for the best results

how to use jojoba oil for hair

Depending on where you plan to apply the oil, there are several different application methods.

The first and easiest is simply to use the natural oil itself, rubbing it on the affected area with a (clean) hand or using a sterile applicator such as a cotton ball. The oil is liquid at room temperature so there is no need to heat or liquify it, though you may want to store it away from the heat and humidity of your bathroom.

You can also add it to your skin care products to give an extra boost. The conditioning agents in the oil will boost your other skin care products and help control a variety of skin conditions.

If you are using it on your lips, you probably don’t want to carry the oil around. You can make a simple lip balm by mixing jojoba oil and beeswax together. If you want further benefits, essential oils and herbs that are safe for consumption can also be added.

For your hair, you can buy products that use jojoba oil, or simply use the oil as a conditioner. Apply to the scalp and or hair shaft and then wash and rinse as normal. You can also mix the oil with tea tree oil for added anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you use essential oils and herbs, the oil makes a great carrier for these. Just combine your favorites with jojoba and use as moisturizers, keeping in mind where you will be applying (your scalp versus your lips, for example) so you aren’t consuming unsafe amounts of the essential oils or herbs.

As a body moisturizer, apply the oil over skin that is still damp from the shower. The heat from a shower causes your pores to open, helping the oil to absorb quickly and more deeply. The oil will lock in moisture before it has a chance to evaporate from the surface of the skin.

Never ingest jojoba oil. It should only be used as a topical remedy. Avoid the delicate eye area, as this skin is prone to irritation with all but the very gentlest products. While jojoba oil is known for its adaptability to a variety of skin types, it is important to do a small patch test if you’ve never used it before. Simply test the oil on the inside of your wrist and wait. If no reaction within 12 hours, you can use it as directed.

Also make sure that you store your oil in a cool, dark place at room temperature.


Best Jojoba Oils to buy

Buying beauty products can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Jojoba oil should be cold pressed, as the wax has a low melting point and excess heat can compromise its integrity. You should also look for an unrefined product with no added fillers or scents. Jojoba oil is naturally golden, and while refining can remove the color, this process is unnecessary.

There are a few highly recommended jojoba oil products that can be used for face and hair. Each product comes highly recommended on Amazon and is an organic source of the oil. The products are cold-pressed, and unrefined, making them easy to use alone, or to add to your current beauty products.

1. Leven Rose


Leven Rose’s unfiltered cold-pressed jojoba oil is recommended by over six thousand Amazon reviewers and is by far the top rated product.

The company uses oil from jojoba plants grown in Arizona, and uses expeller processes to extract the oil to prevent damage caused by unnecessary heating. It is also unrefined so that it will retain its natural minerals and vitamins. The refining process often removes many of the oil’s properties that mimic the skin and hair’s natural protection properties.

It comes in an amber class bottle with a glass dropper to help prevent oxidation and damage to the oil, increasing the shelf life and maintaining the oil’s potency. Leven Rose also offers a money back guarantee.

2. Teddy’s Organics


With over 1200 positive Amazon reviews, Teddy’s Organics cold pressed Jojoba oil is another great choice. It is expeller extracted, meaning that unnecessary heat hasn’t damaged the oil’s natural properties, and it is unrefined. There are no additives or fillers, just 100% jojoba oil so that you can be sure of what you are putting on your body.

It comes in an amber glass bottle as well to preserve the oil’s shelf life, and prevent oxidation. Teddy’s Organics also has a no questions asked return policy if you aren’t completely satisfied with their product.

3. Radha Beauty

Radha offers a jojoba oil that is 100% USDA certified organic, and is produced in small batches. It is extracted by expeller, and not through a heating process, which can damage or compromise the oil’s healing properties. The oil remains in its natural state without refining or adding scents and fillers.

There are no preservatives, so the oil comes in a cobalt bottle. Jojoba oil is light sensitive and reactive, and dark glass bottles filter light to extend the shelf life and maintain the oil’s integrity.

Radha Beauty is so sure that you will love their product that they offer a full money back guarantee, no questions asked, and you don’t even have to return the bottle.


Jojoba oil is an essential beauty item for anyone’s cabinet, and can be easily purchased through reputable sources for organic, pure oil. Once you try it, you’ll find all kinds of ways that jojoba remedies, soothes, and heals all your skin, hair and body needs.

Did you enjoy reading about the benefits of this amazing oil?

Let us know in the comments if you use jojoba oil for any other uses besides the ones mentioned here. Also, take a moment to like this article and share it with anyone who might be looking for a remedy for their own hair, skin and body.


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