Coconut Oil For Beard: Tips, Tricks & Infos

Having a beard can be awesome. It looks cool and can make you feel confident. A beard is a positive and modern masculine statement.

But the problem is a beard can be difficult to maintain. The hair can get wiry and brittle. Your skin can itch and feel sore. Beard can also generate enough dandruff to cause public shirt embarrassment. Sometimes it’s like owning a pet.

There is good news though. One secret that many men miss is that using coconut oil for beard utopia is effective and simple.

Coconut oil isn’t just a secret hair and skin product for women, and it’s not just something that you cook with. Coconut oil is an effective weapon in giving you a soft, strong and easy to manage beard.

So let’s take a look at exactly why coconut oil is so good for your beard, and how best to use it.

Why Coconut Oil Is So Awesome For Your Beard

Coconut oil is cold-pressed from the white fleshy part on the inside of a coconut. It literally is just squeezed out of the coconut flesh. You can buy coconut oil cheaply, or even make it yourself.

Coconut oil is stuffed full of an amazing array of ingredients that help the hair and hair follicles:

It is full of essential fatty acids, the most prominent of which is lauric acid. I won’t bore you with science, but lauric acid is a bit of a fatty superpower. It has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which means that it can help fight infections on the skin and in the hair follicles which can cause your beard hair to be weak, brittle or dry. But don’t take my word for it, this study shows that out of 30 medium-chain fatty acids with antibacterial properties, lauric acid came out top.

  1. Coconut oil is a strong natural emollient, or moisturizer It can moisturizes skin and can lock in that moisture as well. This feature, plus the antibacterial benefits mean that it is great at keeping your skin healthy, which is why it is a strongly recognized and researched eczema treatment.

Healthy, moisturized skin means less beard dandruff. Healthy moisturized hair and hair follicles means a stronger softer beard.  Coconut oil is a simple win-win!

What Type Of Coconut Oil Is Best For Great Beard Condition?

There are lots of different types of coconut oil, mostly different because they might be refined in some way, or have additives. You really want to avoid any refined coconut oil.

The bottom line here is that you are looking for cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil that has been completely unrefined. Literally it has been cold pressed from the coconut and put in a container.

You’re also looking for organic cold-pressed coconut oil. You really are looking for it in its purest form, because you will get the full range of benefits for your beard from it.

This may be a point you think is crazy to make here, but I can assure you some people make this mistake. You are not looking for coconut milk. If you wander into your local supermarket and buy some coconut milk and put that all over your beard, you just going to look like a man with milk over his beard.

 In summary you are looking for coconut oil that is:

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    Free from additives and perfumes

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    Certified (ECO, Wild, BIO)

How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Beard And Skin

Coconut oil can help you at every stage of beard maintenance and conditioning. Our first top tip is to make sure that your beard and face have been washed and dried. This is because clean and dry skin and hair will absorb more of the oil than damp hair and skin.


You can use coconut oil as a pre-shave oil. Put some coconut oil onto your hands and work it in until it melts completely. Then stroke it through the beard and work it into the skin underneath with your fingertips.

Coconut oil is a shaving balm

You can use coconut oil to actually shave with as well. Once you have softened your beard using coconut oil, you can apply a bit more and then shave as normal. It will act as a natural lubricant and protect you from shaving rash. Obviously if you are using clippers this may not be necessary.

Coconut oil as a soothing aftershave

Coconut oil can also be applied after you shave to soften the skin, lesson rash and set your hair follicles up to generate strong new hair. Its healing properties will also help with abrasion and cuts.

We recommend you don’t use coconut oil on its own for all three stages because you could saturate the beard and clog up your razor or hair clippers.

But the bottom line here is that you probably won’t be shaving that much anyway, you will be clipping their hair to shorten it and only shaving around the edges, so you can use the coconut oil primarily after you shave to shoothe, strenghten and condition the hair and skin.

How Often Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Beard?

There really is no limit to how often you can use coconut oil on your beard. So you could technically use it morning and night every single day.

The key point to make is that you should not saturate the beard and skin.  It’s best to be very conservative in applying coconut oil. If you apply it as an aftershave balm then that will probably be enough, but you could also apply it every night before you go to bed to allow it to soak into your skin and hair.

Coconut oil is very rapidly absorbed but obviously there is only a certain amount that your skin and hair can absorb and carry. So our recommendation if you are not sure is to apply conservatively after you shave or trim your beard, and every night before bed. Try different things and see what works best for you.

Make It Fun With Homemade Beard Oil Recipes

If you look at the back label of many skin and hair beauty products you will see that they contain coconut oil, or at least elements of it such as lauric acid.

This is also true of most beard oils and balms. So you are in good company if you are using coconut oil on its own to soften your hair and strengthen the skin and hair follicles. The truth is that most of the other ingredients in commercial products are fillers, and you are going to get most of the benefits just from cheap coconut oil.

And the great news is that you can enhance this low-cost benefit by creating your own beard oil recipes. Here are a couple of popular examples:

1. Coffee and chocolate beard nourishing balm


  • square-o

    50ml coconut oil

  • square-o

    10ml castor oil or olive oil

  • square-o

    One level teaspoon of coffee powder

  • square-o

    One level teaspoon of cocoa

  • square-o

    A few drops of an essential oil of your choice


Microwave a bowl so that it is hot and then put the ingredients in and gently mix until they are a warm paste. Pour the warm mixture into a container and put a lid on it.

Store it at room temperature. When you want to use it, all you have to do is apply it conservatively to the beard and skin.

2. Lavender and rosemary beard balm


  • square-o

    3 teaspoons coconut oil

  • square-o

    1 teaspoon jojoba oil

  • square-o

    1 teaspoon olive oil

  • square-o

    Five drops lavender oil

  • square-o

    10 drops rosemary oil

  • square-o

    One level teaspoon aloe vera powder


As with the previous recipe, mix ingredients in a microwaved bowl. Store at room temperature in a sealed container ready for use.

For both these recipes you could try using a milk frother to create a thick foamy paste with warmed mixture. This can make it easier to apply and absorb.

With any beard balm recipes you can change ingredients to get a consistency, smell and result that works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different recipes of home-made beard balm, using coconut oil as the base.

All Natural, Easy To Use: What’s Not To Like?

So now you know the great secret to a healthy beard. Coconut oil is rapidly absorbed into the hair to strengthen it and nourish it. On top of that coconut oil helps to heal the skin, keep it healthy and allows the hair follicles to work at maximum capacity.

On top of that, coconut oil is very cheap to buy. You can pick up high quality cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil on Amazon for about $10 for a large jar.

So don’t let the secret of coconut oils benefits on hair and skin escape you. Women have known the all natural benefits of using coconut oil on the hair and skin for centuries, and now you can also get those benefits.

It’s easy to apply, doesn’t go out of date and is reassuringly the basis for many commercial beauty and hair care products. Beard care should be effective and easy, and using coconut oil can really make that happen for you.


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